GetDayOffer recommendation and geo-search engine takes into account your diet, allergy, food preferences, habits and restrictions.

We find food that you love wherever you are.
What food we avoid and why?
Some kind of diets
Atkins diet. Zone diet. Tetogenic diet. Vegetarians (several kinds).
Vegans. Raw food diet (raw foodism). Mediterranean diet. Diabetics diet. Organic food. Healthy food. Glutene free diet. This makes us healthier.

Buddhism: many people will not eat meat or fish however. Christianity: none, but there are fast days. Hinduism: meat, fish, poultry and eggs; some people also avoid garlic, onions, alcohol, tea and coffee. Judaism (kosher): Jewish dietary laws are known as Kashrut, and are among the most complex of all religious food practices. The term Kosher means fit and describes all foods that are permitted for consumption. Muslims: This religion has various food restrictions according to their own dietary laws, which are Halaal. This is our culture.

Food Allergies and Food Intolerance
Food Allergies to milk, egg, peanut, tree nuts, soy, wheat, fish and shellfish, corn, meat, gelatin, seed, spice, fruits and vegetables and so on. Food intolerance may cause poor feelings and illness. We may die from it.

Disgust and Habits

We perceive some dishes as inedible in appearance or very unpleasant to the taste. Some of us like spicy, sweet, salty dishes, others prefer fresh or tasteless food. This is our personal attitude.
May we eat everything? No
Should we love all the food? No
Who cares? GetDayOffer cares
Pavel Volyntsev
GetDayOffer Maker
We reduce the negative experience. We prevent getting unpleasant impressions about the everyday meal and provide more enjoyment from food. We remove stress. We keep health and save lives. We predict the pleasure.


We have hundreds of thousands, millions of offers and dishes available in different cities at different time. To show at least a dozen of them, we must significantly reduce the number of options.
Reducing the Number of Offers
We find offers from the restaurants that are closest to you or are near the given place
We find the offers, that are available in the next 30 minutes or at the specified date and time
If You Are A The Registered User
We respect your attitude to some food, dishes or ingredients, the diet you follow, and the food allergy
We remember your "likes" and "dislikes" to the kinds of food and cuisine
We use your feedbacks and reviews
We consider your search and orders history
We cut everything that you
wouldn't like even to hear,
let alone try.

What you don't like - it simply doesn't exist, deal?
Ranging Results
We arrange a list of a few dozen of the offers located in less than 15 minutes of walking or driving from you.
Mobile Apps
With the mobile applications for Android and iOS you will find a way to the restaurant to get the dishes. And to get sure. And to predict your experience.
Making It Clear
We translate the details into your language
GetDayOffer Smart Food uses algorithms based on neural networks and deep machine learning. With each use of the platform, the system gradually begins to make decisions about the choice of food in the same way as you do.

GetDayOffer Smart Food becomes your daily digital assistant.
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To run GetDayOffer Smart Food powerful algorithms, take three steps:
Fill your eating habits profile
Find something you like or don't like
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Join the GetDayOffer Smart Food Team
Join the GetDayOffer Smart Food team of trainers and experts to influence the recommendations algorithms work and directly communicate with the developers
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Why to Join
Help The World
64% of the world's inhabitants follow a diet that limits or prohibits consumption of some foods or ingredients.
Help Yourself
You are not the one of the mass. You are the only one.
The problem with finding right food in unfamiliar places is global. Together we will help people with diabetes, allergies, with different food and cultural restrictions in food. They will be grateful for our help.
Together, we will be able to improve the recommendations so that it best suits your individual preferences. We will be happy to make you sure that we take into account your unique taste.
GetDayOffer Smart Food will find offers what you like or something other that is most similar to it
30% Flexibility algorithm will assist you in the experiments with food, by offering options that differ from your preferences by 30%
We will take into account your plan for a trip and will give out information about the local dishes and the places with the preferred food
GetDayOffer Smart Food training indicator will show how we are ready to deliver the relevant results
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