What is GetDayOffer?
Catalog of special, local and typical dishes
Restaurant listing service
Food preordering service
Loyalty program
Local search engine that knows guests food habbits
Table reservation service
Online publishing and social service automation tool
Geo-based recomendation service
Geo-targeted ads
Restaurant marketplace
GetDayOffer Attracts Guests To Your Restaurant
We care
Guests trust
GetDayOffer uses an innovative search and recommendation system which helps users to select restaurants taking into account theirpersonal food preferences: diets, cultural restrictions, allergy, food intolerance, disgust, habits

May people eat everything? No
Should people love all the food? No
We care and guests trust us
Guests are finding, choosing, experimenting
We assist
GetDayOffer mobile digital assistants for Android and iPhone are pocket advisors that help tourists, business travellers, office workers, students, and other people choose the right place for breakfast, lunch, or dinner - one of the daily questions, perhaps the most frequent.
To get started, publish a few dishes from your menu and provide with photos. Add as many details as you can to meet those who love that you are cooking.
GetDayOffer Predicts Guests Experience
Satisfy guests with dishes and services
What the negative experience may occur and how your will prevent that using GetDayOffer?
Hunger and Suffering? Not with GetDayOffer
Reasons to become hunger: diet, cultural restrictions, allergy, food intolerance, disgust, habits and other kinds of food attitudes.

People differ. They do not eat everything. Sometimes food kills. GetDayOffer helps people to find a place where served kinds of dishes they like, with ingredients they are allowed to consume. For your restaurant, that means, you will attract only those who in love with the food you are cooking.
Confuse? Prevent it with GetDayOffer
Reasons: an unfamiliar language of the menu, pictures are absent or low quality, insufficient level of details, not enough information to compare with previous experience.

With GetDayOffer you will provide guests with detailed information about each dish of the menu, including the composition, photo or video, reviews, and notices to compare it with other food that is well-known for the guest. And all these in the language of the guest.
Getting Lost? Show the way using GetDayOffer
Reasons: unusual place, uncomfortable time, unfamiliar language.

GetDayOffer shows the places that are close to the guest and are open at the required time, with routes on the map, in the language of the guest. He will not miss your restaurant.
GetDayOffer Returns Guests To You
Standart Loyalty Program
With GetDayOffer guests collect bonuses from each pre-order and spend them on the next pre-orders within all the restaurants of GetDayOffer platform
Private Loyalty Program
You can provide new guests with welcome bonuses for the first pre-order. And also give additional short-term bonus reward after each pre-order, which they will spend only in your restaurant in a defined period.
Speedy Rank
On GetDayOffer guests can pay bonuses only part of the total cost of the order and the size of this part depends on the personal rank. In your restaurant, you can increase the rate of growth of the rank, and also allow to pay more bonuses at a lower rank. In this game you are the Big Boss and the helping hand at the same time.
With GetDayOffer you may issue virtual certificates to allow short-term access to some extra or hidden offers to make your guest return to you
Texting and Pushing
Remind guests about their certificates and extra bonuses, send annouces about new offers, attract new guests with text messages and push notifications through GetDayOffer
GetDayOffer Gives New Technologies With Easy
GetDayOffer Will Give:
Electronic Menu
GetDayOffer provides an electronic menu with very detailed information about each dish. When a guest sees it, he wants to taste.
Food Preorder
GetDayOffer platform provides dishes preorder in order to get it at the required time in your restaurant
A takeaway option allows guests from GetDayOffer to get preordered dishes at your restaurant. It might be pre-paid or free.
Table Reservation
In addition to preordering the dishes, guest could reserve a table, for free
Franchise and Networks
GetDayOffer has special options for restaurant franchises and networks. Call as and ask +393 343 048 205
Realtime Feedbacks
You will know what guests think before they post it on TripAdvisor, Yelp, Facebook, etc. Even before he got up from the table.
Guests Profiles
GetDayOffer will provide guests profiles: allergy, food intolerance, preferences, habits, restrictions, and other. Take care of the guests and they will love you.
3D-party Services
GetDayOffer could import and export menu, images and reviews from/to popular social networks, online menus, listings, geo-spotting and other restaurant services
POS Integration
GetDayOffer works with POS and 3d-party table reservation systems
Analytics and Forecasts
GetDayOffer report and forecast system based on artificial intelligence gives advice and predictions about restaurant menu and additional services to increase income
Helping Hands
GetDayOffer team of support manager, copyrighters and editors will publish the menu from your restaurant with highly detailed information on several languages and keep it up to date
GetDayOffer Works For You If You Are...
Traditional Catering Establishment
Fast Food Restaurant
Takeaway Restaurant
Food Track
Single Restaurant
Restaurants Network
Small, Medium or Large Business
Restaurants Franchise
GetDayOffer is user-friendly and can be used by any restaurant. The only thing you need is a smartphone. You don't have to hire additional staff or train your employees. Our team will assist you with pleasure.

Need video? We are on the way. Ask us to send a link.

GetDayOffer is already working for you

Doubts? Call us and ask
+393 343 048 205
GetDayOffer Grows With You
Service Plans
You can start using for free, and upgrade as you grow
  • Get more pleased guests,
    evaluate the efficiency
  • No platform fee
  • No regular
  • Limited amount of dishes
  • Base restaurant page
    and all the offers
  • Base search rank
  • Search visual enhancements
    not available
  • Manually filling dish details
  • Manul or automated translation
    into other languages
  • Helping hands not available
  • Pre-order
    with notifications
    and reminders via the
    mobile application
  • Pre-order button for
    your website or Faceboook
  • Feedbacks
    and reviews
    not available
  • Loyalty program not available
  • Guest personal
    information not avaliable
  • In-service ads not available
  • Analytics tools
    not avaliable
  • Prediction
    not avaliable
Get Started Basic
  • Get more efficiency
    and control your budget
  • 10% platform fee 1)
  • No regular
  • Amount of dishes not limited
  • Base restaurant page
    and all the offers
  • Better search rank
  • Search visual
    enhancements by request
  • Manually filling dish details
  • Manual or automated translation into other languages
  • Helping hands by request 2)
  • Pre-order with notifications and reminders via the mobile application
    + SMS, email, and other ways 3)
  • Pre-order button for
    your website or Faceboook
  • Feedbacks, reviews
    and ratings
    from guests
  • Base loyalty program
  • Guest personal
    information not avaliable
  • In-service ads by request 8)
  • In-service
    analytics tools
  • Prediction
    not avaliable
10% platform fee
Get Started Standart
  • Free your hands
    and get maximum efficiency
  • 20% platform fee 1)
  • €11/month
    or €111/year (save 16%)
  • Amount of dishes not limited
  • Styled restaurant page
    + additional features
  • Advanced search rank
  • All-the-time search visual 5)
  • Manually filling dish details
  • Manual or automated translation into other languages
  • All-the-time helping hands 2)
  • Pre-order with notifications and reminders via the mobile application
    + SMS, email, and other ways 3)
  • Pre-order button for
    your website or Faceboook
  • Feedbacks, reviews
    and ratings from guests
    + export to 3rd party services 6)
  • Advanced loyalty program 7)
  • Guest habbits, attitudes
    and restrictions
  • In-service ads by request 9).
  • In-service analytics tools
    + 3rd party services
  • Predictions about
    prices and menu
    to increase your profit 10)
20% platform fee
€11/month or €111/year
Get Started Premium
Not sure which plan is right for you?
Just pick up the phone and give us a call.
We'll help you choose the perfect plan to suit your needs.
+393 343 048 205
1) The GetDayOffer platform takes fee only for those dishes that were pre-ordered through GetDayOffer and then paid for in your restaurant. If a guest ordered something additional being in your restaurant - this is not taken into account. If you or guest would cancel the order, there is no fee.

GetDayOffer team of content managers and editors would help in composing and correcting details of dishes, translating into 10+ languages, assessing the quality of photos and photo correction. Our staff is well trained in the restaurant subject area, so they do not confuse sauces and sausages :)

3) Real-time informing about pre-orders, messages from guests, feedbacks, ratings, reviews via mobile messengers What'sUp / Telegram / Viber and others

4) Limited styling of the in-service restaurant page: graphic page backgrounds, restaurant brand names, logo; additional features: news, announcements, feedback forms, extra photo gallery, extended restaurant description

5) Visual enhancements: colors and stickers will make your offers more attractive.

6) Import photos, news, and announcements from social networks and restaurant services; export of news, announcements, images, feedbacks and other information. We support Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor, FourSquare, Yelp, and others. It is possible to import from your restaurant's website - write to us for clarification.

7) Special bonus programs, coupons, certificates, events. Advanced loyalty programs allow to keep guests' attention for a long time at your restaurant or restaurants of your network and attract new guests.

You will get information about the guest: a list of allergens, food intolerance, preferences, habits, and restrictions, and other useful information. If the restaurant serves dishes that are counter-indicative to the guest, you will need to take care of it yourself.

9) Inform guests about new dishes or events, attract new guests. Messages are sent by e-mail, through mobile applications, if the guests agree to receive such messages. Also, messages are posted on the web page of the portal. Targeting by location, user preferences, etc. is available.

10) GetDayOffer Food Insight system based on artificial intelligence gives advice and predictions about restaurant menu and additional services to increase income
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let them find your restaurant
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