Risotto and Lasagna
are not to blame for the few guests
They were not shown, they were not told ...
Publish the dish photos on GetDayOffer marketplace and evaluate the marketing effect
Did you publish the dish photos on popular image services and social networks?

We hope yes, because it is the
effective way to promote your restaurant

When people see food they desire to get it
But Compare
Your dish photo at some ordinary service or social network
Fine descriptions, video possible
Ingredients, taste, weight, volume, kind of cuisine, allergens, etc.
Is visible on the map, with distance and route
Pre-order is available; get it in the restaurant at the specified time by actual price
No complete description
The ingredieants are not described
Allergens are not listed
It is not known where and how to get
The price is missing or not actual
Only one language
Your dish offer at GetDayOffer - the geo-search engine and food reservation platform
Still is appetizing, with "likes" and comments
Someone can only "like it" or drop a comment "Delicious, I'd try!"
Choose the suitable marketplace
to raise the attention to your restaurant
and get more satisfied guests

Three Steps To Promote Your Restaurant at GetDayOffer
1. Upload photos to GetDayOffer
Look: now your dish could be found and preordered using the food geo-search and reservation platform GetDayOffer
2. Add descriptions and prices
3. Define ingredients, weight or volume, allergens, kinds of cuisine, etc
And now... It is preordered!
It's time for a visit of the guest
Mobile Apps for Guests will lead them directly to your restaurant.
Mobile Apps for Restaurant inform you about the pre-order.
On board are reminders, chat, reviews and other useful things.
Platform Features
High-grade Representaion of Dishes
Qualitative Target Audience
Low Cost of Implementation
Prices and Menus Suggestions
AI-based algorithms
increase your profits
Those who searching for place to eat out
When people see food, they desire to eat
That's it! Consider that it already works for you
The publishing is free. No regular payments and subscriptions.
Publish dish photo on GetDayOffer and evaluate the effect
The publishing and evaluation is free. No regular payments and subscriptions.
Drop here a photo of dish from your restaurant
Yes, the best one you are proud of
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